After a successful run of deals, we have applicants large and small looking for warehouse units and we need new stock to place them.

Recent deals include:


St James Mill Road (19,000 sq ft) LET, Gladstone Road (14,250 sq ft) LET, Tenter Road (8,300 sq ft) LET, Low Farm Place (3 x 3,500 sq ft) LET.


High March (9,500 sq ft) SOLD, Stephenson Close (6,200 sq ft) SOLD,

High March Close (6,000 sq ft) LET, Station Close (3,000 sq ft) SOLD, James Watt Close (3,000 sq ft) SOLD, Alvis Way (1,600 sq ft) LET.


Glebe Farm (70,000 sq ft) LET, Midland Trading Estate – FULLY LET, 90  Somers Road (40,000 sq ft) SOLD, 40 Somers Road (7,800 sq ft) LET, 52 Somers Road (6,000 sq ft) LET, Swift Valley (4,500 sq ft) LET.

If you have commercial premises that are vacant or surplus to requirements and you would like valuation or marketing advice, then we would be delighted to assist.