Drake Commercial have advised on the acquisition of two warehouse properties in Rugby for separate occupier clients.

In both instances we were retained by operational businesses to search the market for suitable premises and negotiate terms on their behalf.

At Prospect Park on Swift Valley, we have assisted the Master Locksmiths Association in purchasing their new HQ property, which comprises of a modern warehouse property with offices, totaling approximately 7,500 sq ft.

We have also negotiated the successful purchase of 1 Hadrians Way on Glebe Farm, on behalf of VJ Engineering. The business had undertaken a lengthy search but had failed to finalise terms on a suitable property and therefore instructed Drake Commercial to lead the project. We were able to unlock the freehold sale, which enabled the previous occupier of the property to surrender their lease. 1 Hadrians Way totals just under 13,000 sq ft, of industrial and office space.

Both of these examples show how we have been able to assist local and regional occupiers to search the market and find new premises, providing specialist advice and allowing them to focus on the day to day needs of their business.

To learn more about how we could assist your company in a search and acquisition role, please call us on 01604 620616 or see our website https://www.drakecommercial.co.uk/acquisitions

Tom Drake – December 2017